A FAQ is a Frequently Asked Question. This is our collection of FAQs, to get started click one of the topics below or use our search.
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Recent FAQ Entries

* The difference between tags and categories
* How do I stop domain mapping?
* Can I have a Twitter badge?
* Can I edit comments I wrote on another blog?
* How do I post to a Page?
* Can I redirect my blog?
* How do I delete uploads?
* Why has my text gone all bold / italic ?
* How big a file can I upload?
* How do I only show part of a post?

Popular FAQ Entries

* The difference between tags and categories
* Where is my WordPress.com API key?
* How do I post a Youtube video?
* Put an image in your sidebar
* Can I have a slideshow?
* Using the text widget
* How do I upload pictures?
* Which themes can I add a header image to?
* WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org
* How do I get music on my blog?
* Can I edit my templates?
* Put your feed in your sidebar
* How do I post to a Page?
* Please delete my blog
* What is a widget?

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